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Property Insurance

Blue Orange Insurance is well aware that your house is, in most cases, your most important asset, and that daily it will be at risk from phenomena such as lightening strikes, fire, earthquake or theft, etc. In any of these events you are leaving yourselves open to serious financial loss should you not be adequately insured.

With this in mind and since most of our clients own apartments that are part of a large or small project, in order to eliminate any conflicts between different insurance companies in the event of a joint claim, we consider it appropriate to include in your contract of sale the purchase of an insurance policy from Blue Orange.

Having many years experience within the insurance industry and cooperating with reputable insurers in Cyprus we have been able, on your behalf, to secure very competitive rates for both buildings and contents cover. We also offer the facility to adapt your home insurance to suit your own particular needs.

Insurance policies provide peace of mind in the unfortunate event of a claim being made. Blue Orange Insurance being well placed, at such a difficult and stressful time together with the added benefit of knowing personally our clients and the excellent relationship shared with our insurance providers are able to handle the  most complicated claims, fairly and promptly. 

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