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Nikolas Efstathiou

Head of Gardening & Landscaping Department


Nikolas leads the Gardening & Landscaping Department at Blue Orange. He holds a diploma from the School of Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Engineering with specialization in Soil Resources Management and Soil Chemistry and an M.Sc. degree in Agricultural Production and Environment from the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). He has worked as researcher at the laboratory of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry (AUA)(soil analysis), at the laboratory of Agricultural Hydraulics (Soil Physics & Hydroponics) and at the laboratory of Soil Microbiology (Speculation Mycorrhiza - Fungi). He is responsible for the daily operations of the Blue Orange Landscaping & Gardening teams. He has extensive experience in Landscaping of residential and private units as well as gardening. He also has a strong background in project management, scheduling, and design concepts.