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September 25th 2023

Rapid Cleaning Services: Blue Orange's Solution

Experience Blue Orange's innovative approach to property cleanliness. Rapid Cleaning Services ensures you get the best results, and fast!
September 18th 2023

10 Garden Ideas Corner for Your Garden

Elevate your garden with these 10 garden ideas corners. Blue Orange guides you through creative and functional ways to revamp and rejuvenate!
September 11th 2023

Home Cleaning: How Blue Orange Can Assist

Discover the benefits of professional home cleaning with Blue Orange. Dive into our comprehensive services, eco-friendly commitment, and unmatched expertise in Cyprus.
August 25th 2023

Embrace the Beauty of Vacation Homes in Paphos: Rentals with Blue Orange Services

Embrace the charm of Paphos with Blue Orange rentals. From sea views to stunning amenities, make your next vacation in Cyprus a luxurious experience!

August 18th 2023

How House Insurance in Cyprus Protects Your Investment

Discover how house insurance in Cyprus can safeguard your valuable property investment. Learn about coverage options, factors to consider, and more.
August 11th 2023

Is It Safe To Swim In a Green Pool?

Is it safe to swim in a green pool? Find out the causes of a green pool and what safety measures you should take. Learn more with Blue Orange Services.
August 04th 2023

How to Repair Chipped Laminate Doors The Right Way

Restore and protect your laminate doors with Blue Orange's comprehensive guide. Tools, materials, safety, and regular maintenance tips included. Start your repair journey today!
July 26th 2023

The Importance of Preventive Garden Maintenance Services

Discover the importance of preventive garden maintenance services and how they can help keep your garden healthy, attractive, and evergreen.
July 17th 2023

The effects of a property being closed for too long & how a property management company can help

Owning a property comes with a significant responsibility. The need for regular attention and maintenance is as constant as the passage of time itself. And yet, many properties, especially those owned by individuals living overseas or those purchased solely for investment purposes, may lie vacant and unattended for extended periods. This neglect often leads to a multitude of issues, ranging from aesthetic depreciation to structural hazards.
July 06th 2023

The 4 Categories of Cleaning Agents to Consider for Your House

Discover the 4 categories of cleaning agents to maintain a clean & healthy home. Learn about their applications, safety measures, and eco-friendly alternatives.
June 26th 2023

Transforming Your Outdoor Space with Shabby Chic Garden Ideas

Discover how to transform your garden into a serene oasis with shabby chic garden ideas. From selecting plants to maintenance, learn to create a unique outdoor space.
June 19th 2023

Can you dry clean leather DIY or hire professionals?

Read this guide to learn more about whether you can dry clean leather at home or it's best to hire professionals.
June 12th 2023

The Best Method for Moline Roof Repair

Discover the best methods for Moline roof repair and understand why timely professional services are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Learn through this guide about the process of roof repair in Moline and how to choose the best service for your needs.
June 05th 2023

Creating a Stunning Mediterranean Oasis: Cyprus Garden Plants for Your Property's Gardens

Explore the beautiful Cyprus garden plants and discover how to transform your property's garden into a stunning Mediterranean oasis.
May 31st 2023

13 Garden Design Ideas for Your Garden in Cyprus

 Looking to transform your outdoor space in Cyprus? Explore our top 13 garden design ideas in Cyprus that bring aesthetics and functionality to your home.
May 31st 2023

How to Clean a Nubuck Sofa: Your Comprehensive Guide

One of the most exquisite types of furniture that you can invest in is a Nubuck sofa. With its velvety texture and sophisticated appearance, a Nubuck sofa can be the centerpiece of your living room. But along with its beauty comes the task of keeping it clean. If you're wondering how to clean a Nubuck sofa, you've come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary steps to maintain your sofa and keep it looking its best.
May 29th 2023

5 Common Fibreglass Roof Repairs in Cyprus

As homeowners or property managers, maintaining the condition of our roofs is crucial. After all, they shield us from the elements, be it scorching heat or torrential rain. Particularly in regions with distinctive weather conditions, such as Cyprus, frequent and effective roof care is a must.

In this blog, we'll delve into the common fibreglass roof repairs carried out in Cyprus. By recognizing these issues and understanding how to address them, you can ensure a longer lifespan for your fibreglass roof. Let's explore these essential maintenance practices together.

May 26th 2023

How to Quickly Fix Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

It’s important to address cloudy water problems early on before they become more serious, so that you can enjoy crystal clear waters all summer long! We’ll provide simple steps for you to try out that should help restore your swimming pool back to its original clarity.
May 26th 2023

Managing Your Complex: The Role of a Management Company

Blue Orange offers a wide range of services that are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs including cleaning services, gardening solutions, swimming pool maintenance, property insurance and much more. With our help, you can rest assured that your complex is in the best hands and well-maintained. 
May 26th 2023

Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning: All you need to know

The importance of eco-friendly window cleaning cannot be overstated. By choosing more sustainable methods and products, we can protect our environment, improve human health and save on costs.


April 26th 2023

Effective Pest Control in Paphos: How to Protect Your Property

Effective control is essential to protect your property and ensure the safety and well-being of your family or customers.
February 09th 2023

Palm Trees & The Red Palm Weevil Infestation

The Red Palm Weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Olivier (RPW), is the most deleterious pest of palm spreading rapidly in palm growing countries around the globe.

January 20th 2023

The importance of Pruning

What is Pruning?
Pruning is the removal or reduction of parts of a plant, tree, or vine that are no longer visually pleasing, not requisite to growth, or are injurious to the health or development of the plant. That makes pruning as one the most important crop technique as every variety of plant has specific needs and treatments.
December 15th 2022

Successfully Trained as PHTA(NSPF) Certified Pool and Spa Operators

Blue Orange is continuously evolving and working towards becoming better and more efficient in every aspect of property management......
November 07th 2022

Do you need Insurance? Let us introduce you to BO Insurance Agents & Consultants Ltd

About Us
We are a reliable independent Insurance Agent with more than 15 years of experience and successful operation. At the present time we are in co-operation with six of the most reputable insurance companies in Cyprus....

October 06th 2022

Be proactive

Did you know that a dirty roof can lead to a variety of problems, such as drainage blockages, moss growth, damaged insulation and roof leaks?

September 05th 2022

Gardening Tip of the day: Sooty Mold

Did you know that there is fungal disease called sooty mold caused by fumago vagans? 
This non-pathogenic fungus and several other fungi have been reported including Capnodium elongatum, Echidnodella angustiformis etc that grows on plants surface at areas covered by honeydew (which is a sticky liquid a sugary substance excreted by insects: mealybugs, aphids, mites, scales and caterpillars as they feed on the plants).

August 11th 2022

Things to know and do when visiting Paphos

Traditional taverns offer an exceptional culinary experience whereas the international restaurants offer exceptional value to their customers with the warm hospitality of the Paphians being well-known. 
April 04th 2022

Minthis, a luxury lifestyle resort in Pafos, opens new world-class facilities in Summer 2022

During 2021, Minthis boldly and successfully opened their luxury boutique accommodation, called The Suites, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic.

April 04th 2022

Pafilia launches ONE, the tallest residential seafront tower in Europe.

Pafilia’s vision to create the most iconic address in Cyprus is now a reality with the construction journey 99% complete. Deliveries to clients began late 2021 and the detail, the new levels of luxury and the quality of workmanship are unlike any other development in Cyprus. The owners of ONE have trusted the management of this high-end development to the capable and experienced hands of D.A. Blue Orange Property Management Services Ltd.