Be proactive


Did you know that a dirty roof can lead to a variety of problems, such as drainage blockages, moss growth, damaged insulation and roof leaks?

Roofs must be properly and regularly cleaned, to avoid damages caused by any stagnant water or bird droppings. Experts say that this should be performed at least once a year, even though twice a year is preferable. If water is left on the roof for a long period of time, it causes algae and moss growth and leaks.

Apart from being a serious health hazard, bird droppings are acidic, so if left uncleaned on the roof, it will gradually build up, damaging the roof surface and eventually lead to roof leaks and floods due to blocked drains.  

The cost of roof cleaning, especially in cases where accessibility on the roofs is not easy and a forklift is required, might be expensive. On the other hand, if not performed regularly, the cost of the necessary repairs will be much higher.

Cleaning and maintaining your communal or residential roofs on a regular basis helps ensure that you maximize the value and extend the roof’s life expectancy by up to twice. 

If you are not exactly thrilled about climbing on your roof and cleaning it, you can count on us!
Our team of experts can visit your property for an inspection and provide you with a quotation, so you can rest assured that the roof above your head is safe!