A wide range of tailored after-sales services

Blue Orange manage homeowners’ investments by providing a wide range of tailored after-sales services, including cleaning, landscaping, gardening, swimming pool maintenance, general repairs & maintenance and property insurance.

Cleaning Services in Paphos

Customized to meet your needs

Creating a clean and healthy environment is critical for any commercial or residential space. As a professional cleaning service provider in Paphos, Blue Orange is committed to delivering top-quality cleaning services to our clients.

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Enhance the look

Blue Orange Property Management Services offers outstanding residential and complex maintenance programs which ensure that our clients' landscape investment is properly maintained.

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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Monitor your pool

Blue Orange provides regular and professional pool maintenance and servicing. Our qualified professionals will keep your pool water in pristine condition in order to safeguard your health and make sure that the pool equipment and systems are working properly. Your job is to relax and enjoy the sun next to a crystal-clear pool.

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Maintenance & Repairs

Property check

We provide a cost effective and professional service for any type of maintenance issue in and around your home, Blue Orange currently operates all around Cyprus

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Property Insurance

Efficiency and quality

Blue Orange insurance is well aware that your house is the most important asset and that can be at risk from phenomena such as lightning strikes, fire, earthquake or theft, etc. In any of these events you are leaving yourselves open to serious financial loss should you not be adequately insured.

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