Do you need Insurance? Let us introduce you to BO Insurance Agents & Consultants Ltd


About Us
We are a reliable independent Insurance Agent with more than 15 years of experience and successful operation. 
At the present time we are in co-operation with six of the most reputable insurance companies in Cyprus. 
Our experience helps us to meet and discuss our clients’ requirements, correctly assess insurance terms, and prepare tenders tailor made to the clients’ aspiration. In most cases we manage to obtain considerable savings with a higher coverage.
More than 50 residential developments have entrusted us with Insurance Policies for the communal areas through us and more than 1000 owners have their insurance coverage for their individual units.
Due to our large portfolio and due to the excellent cooperation we have built with the Insurance Companies, we are able to handle even the most complicated claims fairly and promptly on behalf of and for the benefit of our clients.

Our Products:
-Property insurance packages with multiple types of coverage for all kinds of buildings as well as for contents. 
An insurance package that satisfies your own needs can be prepared, on the basis of the below insured perils:
Earthquake or Volcanic Eruption
Water Escaping from water tanks apparatus or pipes
Water or oil escaping from a fixed heating or cooling installation
Lock-outs or labour disturbances
Malicious damage or vandalism
Theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry
Attempted theft
Falling trees, branches and limbs
Falling television or radio antenna, satellite dishes, antenna fittings, masts or solar heating panels
Impact on the buildings involving vehicles, animals, aircraft or aerial devices or any consequences thereof
Accidental damage to cables or underground services servicing the Home for which the Insured is legally responsible
Accidental breakage of glass or sanitaryware fixed to and forming part of the Home
Alternative accommodation
Investigation costs in relation to the source of the damage
Food and drinks in freezers and refrigerators
Garden Plants
Professional Equipment
Replacement of locks and keys
Emergency entry into the home
Smoke damages
Accidental loss of metered water, liquefied petroleum gas or oil
Funeral Expenses 
Subsidence, Landslide, shift and heave of the ground and soil
Fatal injury benefit
Short – Circuit of Electrical and electronic devices
Liability as owner or occupier of the Home
Liability as employer of domestic staff
* Note that insured amounts limits, excess and exclusions, may apply under each insured peril.

-Motor insurance:
All vehicles driven in member states of EU should have third party liability insurance as a minimum. It is mandatory for a vehicle owner to have insurance against personal injury and material damage caused by their vehicle.
Blue Orange Insurance can prepare basic Insurance Quotations for you or if you wish you can request coverage extension from a wide range of insurance coverages.
The Basic Motor Insurance includes:
Legal Liability of the Insured and authorized drivers for compensation for personal injury or property damage to third parties, based on the limits provided by the relevant legislation.
Optional Additional Cover:
Loss or damage of the motor vehicle caused by Fire or Theft.
Loss or damage of the insured motor vehicle because of any cause not excluded from the policy’s exclusions
Liability of the Insured for the payment of compensation to third parties in connection with driving any other vehicle.
Legal Liability of the passengers of the insured vehicle
Legal Liability of the insured whilst driving ‘beyond the road’
Breakage of windscreen of the insured vehicle
Personal accident cover for the insured in connection with the use of the motor vehicle
Loss of use or temporary replacement of the motor vehicle with another after loss or damage
Loss of or damage to personal belongings caused by Fire or Theft
Loss of or damage to the Motor Vehicle caused by flood, storm, tempest, hail, earthquake
Loss of or damage to the motor vehicle caused by riot and strike
Replacement of the Motor vehicle with a new one of the same make and model, if the damage exceeds 50% of its value in the case of an accident occurring with the first 12 months from its date of purchase or if the Motor vehicle is as new.
Loss or damage to the Motor vehicle whilst being towed caused by any peril that is not specifically exclude
24-hour Roadside assistance
No Claims Discount Protection
Loss or damage to a trailer as a result of any cause not excluded in the policy
Medical coverage of the insured and the authorised drivers of the insured vehicle after a car accident with the insured vehicle
Medical coverage of the insured following a car accident from the use of the Insured Vehicle.
* Note that insured amounts limits, excess and exclusions, may apply under each insured peril.