A wide range of tailored after-sales services

Maintenance & Repairs

We provide a cost effective and professional service for any type of maintenance issue in and around your home, Blue Orange currently operates all around Cyprus.


Home Repairs and Maintenance Services

Maintaining a well-functioning and safe property is essential for any owner. However, the demands of managing a property can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to technical jobs and maintenance. This is where Blue Orange comes in as a professional provider of property maintenance in Cyprus.
Our objective is to provide you with a one-stop solution to any property requirements you may have, from burst pipes and broken heating systems to bug exterminating, painting or decorating, and more. We provide cost-effective and professional services for any type of maintenance issue in and around your home, backed by an insurance guarantee to keep your peace of mind.

Air Conditioning Services

Blue Orange offers a comprehensive range of air conditioning services to help keep your property cool and comfortable. We specialize in the repair, maintenance, and installation of air conditioning systems, as well as the replacement of air conditioning filters, cleaning of air conditioning systems, and air conditioning inspections.

Electrical Services

Our experienced and professional staff is ready to help you with any electrical issues you may have. We provide a wide range of electrical services, including electrical repairs and maintenance, generator maintenance and servicing, and home automation and smart home systems.

Plumbing Services

Blue Orange offers plumbing services to help keep your pipes and water systems functioning properly. Our plumbing services include plumbing repairs and maintenance, drain cleaning and unblocking, water heating systems maintenance and installation, and water filtration and softening systems installation.

Swimming Pool Services

Blue Orange offers a wide range of pool services to help keep your pool clean and functioning properly. Our swimming pool services include repair and installation of swimming pool equipment, swimming pool maintenance, repairs, and renovation, supply and delivery of swimming pool furniture, and replacement of swimming pool liner and mosaics.

General Building Maintenance Services

Our general home repairs and maintenance services are designed to help you maintain your property in good condition. We provide painting and insulating works on external and internal areas of the building (private and communal), rendering repairs, roofing repairs and maintenance, woodwork as fences, pergolas, and carpentry works (doors, cabinets, fitted closets, etc.), small building works and floor works, renovation of private properties, metal constructions, including railings, ladders, and gates, lift maintenance, audit, and repairs, repair and replacement of doors, automatic entrance gates and barriers installation, maintenance, and repair, and custom-made plastic and metal signs installation.

Other Services

Blue Orange also provides a range of other services to help keep your property in good condition. These services include pest control services, unblocking and repair (internal coating) of roof drains, cleaning of roofs, repair and replacement of roof insulation, emptying of sewage by bowser, removal and disposal of satellite dishes and antennas, door locks, handles, and keys replacement and repair, and fire extinguisher purchase and service.

Benefits of Working with Blue Orange

When you collaborate with Blue Orange, you can expect to benefit from our experience and expertise in technical jobs and property maintenance. We have a qualified and reliable staff that uses quality materials and equipment to deliver customized services that meet your needs. Our services are also timely and efficient, ensuring that your property maintenance needs are met in a timely manner.

Service Booking Process

Our service booking process is simple and straightforward :
  • Step 1: Requesting a quote: Contact us via our website or phone to request a quote.
  • Step 2: Scheduling a visit: will schedule a visit to your property to perform a thorough inspection and determine the scope of the work and to estimate the cost to be able to provide a quote.
  • Step 3: Performing the service: Upon approval of the quotation, our team will perform the service on the agreed date and time according to the agreed-upon scope of work.
  • Step 4: Billing and payment: We will send you an invoice for the service. You can pay using your preferred method of payment.

Customer Testimonials

We take pride in the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers.
Here are some examples of satisfied customers and their positive feedback on our technical jobs and property maintenance services:
  • “We have owned our property for 16 years and have always received excellent service.” Jeff Patterson
  • “Blue Orange is managing the complex where my wife and I living happily in Anarita, Cyprus. For the last 5 years they are taking good care and they are always there when we need them with kindness and with a smile.” Charis Tsevis
  • “The only company have the capability of professional communication as well, the higher standard technician with a great team and as well as the management.” Maged W Hanna
Overall, our customers rate us highly for our professionalism, expertise, and timely service delivery. We strive to maintain this high level of satisfaction with all our clients.

Choose Blue Orange for Your Comprehensive Technical Jobs and Property Maintenance Needs

In conclusion, maintaining your property can be a challenging task, but with Blue Orange, you can rest assured that your technical jobs and property maintenance needs are taken care of. We offer a comprehensive range of services backed by our experience, expertise, and commitment to quality. Our services are customized to meet your specific needs, and we use only quality materials and equipment to deliver timely and efficient solutions. So, whether you need air conditioning services, plumbing services, swimming pool services, or general home repairs and maintenance services, we are here to help.

Contact us today to book a technical job or property maintenance service and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted provider like Blue Orange.