The effects of a property being closed for too long & how a property management company can help


Owning a property comes with a significant responsibility. The need for regular attention and maintenance is as constant as the passage of time itself. And yet, many properties, especially those owned by individuals living overseas or those purchased solely for investment purposes, may lie vacant and unattended for extended periods. This neglect often leads to a multitude of issues, ranging from aesthetic depreciation to structural hazards.

In this article, we explore the potential risks associated with leaving a property unattended for prolonged periods and how a professional property management company like Blue Orange can help mitigate these risks, ensuring your investment's safety and profitability.

The Unseen Impact of a Closed Property

Physical Deterioration

Properties are subject to natural wear and tear, a process that accelerates when regular maintenance is absent. Issues such as leaky roofs, plumbing malfunctions, and electrical faults can easily go unnoticed, only to turn into significant problems over time. According to a recent industry survey, nearly 60% of unattended properties exhibit signs of substantial deterioration within the first year of neglect.

But, the issue runs deeper than that. Not only do these deteriorations pose potential safety risks, but they can also lead to hefty repair expenses if not addressed in their early stages. They can significantly affect your property’s usability and, in turn, its market value. It's a downward spiral that can be effortlessly avoided with regular check-ups and prompt maintenance.

Increased Risk of Theft and Vandalism

Closed and unattended properties often become easy targets for theft, vandalism, or even unauthorized occupation, known as squatting. Unscrupulous individuals tend to exploit the absence of regular human activity. This can lead to serious losses, both financial and sentimental, as personal belongings and property assets get damaged or stolen.

Statistical data from the Cyprus Police indicate that unattended properties are almost twice as likely to be targeted by criminals. This not only brings about financial repercussions but could also lead to long and stressful legal disputes. As such, it is critical to have someone to routinely monitor and manage the property, even more so when the owner is abroad or otherwise unable to do so personally.

The Financial Consequences of Property Neglect

Depreciation in Property Value

A property's value is directly influenced by its condition. Neglect and lack of maintenance lead to deterioration, which can significantly impact a property's market value. Minor maintenance issues, if left unattended, can escalate into substantial damages, leading to considerable repair costs down the line.

Further, a property in poor condition might not attract tenants or buyers, especially in a market where there are plenty of well-maintained alternatives. This could lead to lower rental income or a decreased sale price, affecting the overall return on investment. Hence, maintaining your property in top-notch condition is not just beneficial but economically essential.

Legal and Insurance Liabilities

Beyond the financial and physical concerns, neglected properties can also introduce potential legal and insurance liabilities. Many insurance companies require regular property inspections and maintenance as part of their policy terms. Failure to comply with these requirements could lead to denial of coverage when it's needed the most.

Moreover, depending on the jurisdiction, property owners may be legally responsible for any incidents that occur on their property due to neglect, such as accidents resulting from poor maintenance. This could result in significant legal issues and financial liabilities. Regular inspections and maintenance can help prevent such situations and ensure that the property meets all legal and insurance requirements.

The Vital Role of Regular Property Maintenance

Proactive and regular property checks and maintenance play a crucial role in preserving the property's integrity and value. These regular checks help identify potential problems before they escalate, saving you extensive repair costs and the inconvenience of dealing with significant issues.Regular maintenance also contributes to the property's aesthetic appeal. A well-kept property is more likely to attract potential tenants or buyers, and it usually commands a higher market value. Therefore, regular property maintenance is not just a protective measure, but a proactive strategy to enhance property value.

How Blue Orange Can Help

Blue Orange offers comprehensive property management services, taking the responsibility of property upkeep off your shoulders. Whether you live abroad or are simply too busy, we ensure that your property receives the attention it requires to stay in top condition.

Apart from handling all aspects of property maintenance, our property management services include rent collection, tenant management, and financial reporting. This holistic approach ensures that your property is well-managed, profitable, and free from any legal or financial hassles.

Swimming Pool Services

Owning a pool comes with its fair share of maintenance needs. Our swimming pool services are designed to keep your pool clean, safe, and enjoyable. Our pool maintenance services cover:

Regular Pool CleaningEnsures the pool water remains clear and clean. This involves the removal of debris, balancing water chemistry, and cleaning of filters.
Pool RepairAddresses any leaks, faulty pumps, or broken tiles. This prevents larger problems down the line.
Pool Seasonal Opening/ClosingPrepares your pool for the swimming season or secures it for the winter. Includes checking all pool systems, cleaning, and adjusting chemicals for the opening, and winterizing the pool system and cover installation for the closing.

By maintaining your swimming pool regularly, we help enhance its lifespan, prevent costly repairs, and ensure it remains a delightful feature of your property.

Gardening & Landscaping Services

A well-maintained garden can transform the aesthetics of a property, making it more appealing to residents, potential tenants, or buyers. However, keeping a garden in its prime requires time, effort, and horticultural knowledge.

At Blue Orange, we offer professional gardening services that include:

Regular Garden MaintenanceInvolves lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, and fertilizing to keep the garden healthy and lush.
LandscapingDesigns and creates beautiful garden spaces that complement your property and personal style.
Pest and Disease ManagementIdentifies and treats common garden pests and diseases to protect your plants and enhance growth.

Our experienced gardeners ensure that your green spaces are always healthy and immaculate, contributing positively to your property's overall appeal and value.

With Blue Orange by your side, you can rest assured that every aspect of your property, including your swimming pool and garden, receives expert care and attention, enhancing your property's allure and value.

Maintenance and Repair Services

At Blue Orange, we offer an extensive range of maintenance and repair services that cover all major areas of a property, from plumbing and electrical services to air conditioning and general maintenance. Each service is designed to ensure the smooth operation of your property and prevent potential issues from escalating.
Plumbing ServicesIncludes repairs and maintenance, drain cleaning, water heating system maintenance, and more.
Electrical ServicesIncludes electrical repairs and maintenance, home automation, and smart home system services.
Air ConditioningRepair, maintenance, and installation of air conditioning systems.
General MaintenancePainting, insulating works, rendering repairs, roofing repairs, lift maintenance, audit and repairs, and more.
Beyond these services, our team of professionals provides regular property inspections, promptly identifying and addressing any issues that could lead to significant problems in the 

Cleaning Services

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment. That's why Blue Orange also offers professional cleaning services. Our team ensures that your property stays clean and inviting, which is particularly important if you're renting out the property or planning to sell it.

Cleaning FrequencyDescription
Daily CleaningIdeal for properties with high traffic, like commercial properties or holiday rentals.
Weekly CleaningSuits residential properties. It helps to keep the environment clean and fresh without the daily hassle.
Bi-Weekly CleaningPerfect for properties that are not in constant use, like vacation homes.

With Blue Orange's cleaning services, your property always radiates cleanliness, contributing to its appeal and value. It ensures a pleasant living environment for current residents and makes a good impression on potential tenants or buyers. Regardless of your property's cleaning needs, Blue Orange has you covered, offering meticulous cleaning services designed to ensure your property is at its best, always.

Property Insurance

Furthermore, Blue Orange offers robust property insurance coverage to protect your property from unforeseen incidents. Our property insurance covers damage or loss caused by fire, natural disasters, theft, and other unforeseen events. We work with reputable insurance suppliers to provide the best possible coverage, giving you peace of mind and financial protection.

Choosing Blue Orange for your property insurance needs offers several advantages:

Competitive RatesBlue Orange secures competitive rates from reputable insurance suppliers.
Personalized ServicePolicies are tailored to each client's individual needs.
Efficient Claims HandlingQuick and fair claims process to support clients in times of need.

With Blue Orange's property insurance services, you can rest assured that your property is protected from financial loss due to unexpected events. This peace of mind allows you to focus more on enjoying the benefits of your property rather than worrying about potential damages or losses.

The Benefits of Engaging a Property Management Company

Engaging a property management company like Blue Orange comes with numerous benefits:

  1. Regular property checks
  2. Prompt maintenance and repairs
  3. Efficient handling of legal and insurance matters
  4. Protection against theft and vandalism
  5. Preservation of property value

Choosing a property management company is not just about delegating tasks; it's about entrusting your valuable asset to professionals who have the knowledge, skills, and resources to take care of it in the best possible way. They can ensure that your property remains in top-notch condition, retains its market value, and provides a hassle-free experience for you and your tenants.


Leaving a property unattended for long periods can have significant physical, financial, and legal repercussions. Regular maintenance checks and timely repairs are essential to prevent these problems and maintain your property's value. However, managing a property efficiently requires time, effort, and expertise - resources that property owners may not always have at their disposal.

This is where a professional property management company like Blue Orange comes in. With our comprehensive range of services, we ensure that your property stays well-maintained, secure, and valuable. So, whether you live abroad, are juggling multiple properties, or simply need professional help in managing your property, don't hesitate to reach out to us. At Blue Orange, our mission is to make property management a hassle-free and profitable experience for you.